Coco LezzoneGastroworld has single-handedly kept my social calendar busy this summer. And while she’s been on top of her game with posting regularly, I’ve fallen a little behind. Time to play catch-up.

Back in August, GW and I got to experience the “Rebirth” of Coco Lezzone – a popular Italian resto-bar that moved from it’s old Little Italy location, to a new home in Toronto’s affluent Yorkville neighbourhood.

The invitation-only event welcomed an enviable guest list of the city’s top food bloggers, wedding and event planners, with the promise of showcasing the restaurant’s stylish new digs.

Gone was the dark decor within its old rustic, cavernous setting, now replaced by more contemporary furnishings in a bright and airy space.

Trigger thumbs worked overtime as guests rapidly tweeted their experience and watched as their tweets flashed up on giant plasma screens. The signature cocktail of Prosecco and Aperol Spritz was a refreshing welcome from the humidity outside, and soon enough, trays of appetizers started to flow.

Coco Lezzone Coco Lezzone

Coco LezzoneWhile the sampler menu was not fully representative of Coco Lezzone’s regular dine-in menu, it showcased the catering options available for special events. Bite after bite, everything was consistently good and left us wanting more.

A few of the guests did get to sample some of the mains from the regular menu, and the plates did look incredible. From the looks on the diners’ faces, it appeared it tasted just as good too. Given that GW and I didn’t really get to try the mains (apart from a little of the delicious Osso Bucco), it just gives us more reason to head back for a proper meal.

The service was excellent and the friendly serving staff seemed genuinely happy to have us there.

Given its new location and vibe, I anticipate the clientele will be more of an older, sophisticated crowd. The intimate space and low lighting makes Coco Lezzone an ideal choice for a date, or some pre-cocktails before a show.


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