Roti Cuisine Of IndiaSometimes, the restaurant-finder app on my iPhone can help me stumble upon little food outlets I never even knew existed … which is exactly what happened one summer’s afternoon when a friend and I found ourselves in the Annex looking for some quick takeaway. Thanks to the Yelp app, we discovered Roti Cuisine of India.

The giant sign outside is unmissable. You half-expect to walk into a large, flashy restaurant, but instead a find a smaller space with dated decor and furniture, and a busy, busy kitchen in the back. However, from the pile of plastic bags filled with takeaway meals waiting on a side table, it was evident this was a very a popular neighbourhood joint.

The menu is extensive, and Roti Cuisine has a great selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian roti options, along with appetizers and biryanis (rice plates). As hardcore carnivores, we were torn between the Chicken Vindaloo roti (simmered in spicy and tangy sauce) and the Lamb Curry roti (cooked in a special curry sauce). So we did what any two friends with a shared love for food would do – we got both. #sharesies

The rotis were massive! To give you an idea of exactly how large, here’s one of the rotis (still in the foil takeaway tray) in relation to a bottle of Mio.

Roti Cuisine Of India

And here it is again … on a regular dinner plate. 🙂

Roti Cuisine Of India


Roti Cuisine Of IndiaOur order taker asked what spice level we would like. Confident in our estimation of our spice threshold, we replied “spicy” … only to be told that “the spicy is really, really spicy” and we may want to reconsider. Still, our cockiness prevailed and we got the lamb mild and the chicken spicy.

Word of advice: when a restaurant tells you to reconsider your spice level, you may want to heed their advice. The chicken – while wonderfully tasty – had me sweating buckets.

Despite being incredibly famished, we were only able to get through half of one pie, so it’s great to be able to share this with a friend. The lamb roti was just as delicious and made for great leftovers the next day. With a generous heap of chunky meat and soft potatoes, the rotis packed a serious punch and oozed with aromatic Indian flavours. I loved that the crepe-style bread (roti) was thin and easy to cut into, yet thankfully not messy despite the mixed stuffing (although I’m guessing the curry-based rotis would be a different story).

Roti Cuisine of India was a great discovery! And it’s location by the Dupont subway station makes it an easy go-to place for a quick roti run … something I anticipate I may be doing a lot of.

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