IMG_8856.JPGFollowing an invigorating church service in Flushing, New York, a group of us headed back to the city to partake in a delicious Sunday brunch at feast.

Located in the East Village, this rustic and unassuming little restaurant was featured in the Food section of the New York Times. So, it was no surprise that it was a favourite with my local friends.

Although it may not have looked it on the outside, Feast was quite spacious, able to comfortably accommodate my group of seven.

IMG_8848.JPGPeeking at the menu, I discovered this was no regular brunch —  at $29, this was a feast, offering a choice of drink, a variety of four appetizers, and a main selection. For that price, I was sold!

The Beery Mary was a Bloody Mary and beer hybrid, and tasted just as you would expect it to taste. While it was refreshingly unique cocktail, it made me realize that messing with the sanctity of a Bloody Mary was a little sacrilegious. Sometimes, you’re better off sticking with the original.

Our appetizers comprised of four small sides: a shot of juice, yogurt parfait, bakery basket, and a canape. The pint-sized tastes and bites were perfect, and gave us an opportunity to sample a selection of items.



IMG_8852.JPGFor my main, I opted for the croque madame – a grilled sandwich with prosciutto, pecorino, quail egg and mustard, served with a side of greens.

Liked: well-presented – the egg toasted into the bread and the generous amounts of prosciutto made me eager to bite into this.

Disliked:  the sandwich, while tasty, was very salty … too much prosciutto (is there such a thing?) perhaps.

Overall, while my grilled sandwich and Beery Mary may have fell a little short, it was still a very enjoyable brunch experience. The service was friendly and attentive, and Feast had a great vibe within its charming, intimate setting.


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