Origin Restaurant & Bar in downtown Toronto is known for its excitingly eclectic menu, one that almost pays homage to the diversity of its home turf.

Blessed with the most perfect weather, the restaurant’s King Street location, with its chic and spacious patio seating, seemed the perfect choice for a Saturday brunch outing.

The patio featured a mix of dining tables and stylish cabana style seating, while large patio umbrellas provided relief from the blazing sun. Thanks to an early reservation, our group of six managed to snag a great corner lounge.

While my dining partners experimented with the restaurant’s signature cocktails, I stuck with my usual and opted for the bubbles … because what’s brunch without a side of bubbles?

Origin’s menu features an impressive line up of snacks, sides and mains — always a win when you have a big group of diners with varying palates. I was torn between selecting something sweet or something more savory. And this beautiful dish right here was the clear winner:

Origin Toronto
Fried rice with pork belly, crispy eggs, ginger, soy and chilies

I mean, seriously, what’s not to love about pork belly? The dish was comforting and flavorful, as the softness of the pork paired nicely with the crispiness of the fried rice. But it was the deep fried poached eggs with their perfectly cooked, gooey center, that were the real pièce de résistance.

While I did not try it, my vegetarian friend’s Beet Salad came beautifully presented…and apparently was a delicious pick.

Beet salad with goat cheese, pickled red onions, walnuts, sherry dressing and yoghurt

The truffle fries that we shared were nothing short of delicious – perfectly crisp (nothing irks me more than soggy fries), with generous dollops of truffle aioli (seriously, this stuff needs to be packaged and sold) and generously sprinkled with reggiano cheese.

Truffle fries with parmigiano reggiano and truffled aioli

As the afternoon progressed, the drinks flowed as endlessly as the conversations and laughs did. I’ve always been a fan of Origin’s downtown location (I can’t say the same about their Bayview offering), and would definitely include this venue in my list of top brunch spots in Toronto.


Visit: Origin Toronto for more information.