above DubaiI recently got back from a very indulgent vacation in the city of bling…Dubai.

On my second night in town, and following a decadent dinner at the city’s hottest restaurant, Zuma (more on that to follow), I was taken to above – a chic rooftop lounge located at the Sofitel Dubai Downtown in the heart of the city’s new downtown district.

There is so much that made above exceptionally special. The contemporary all-white decor was reminiscent of the stylish clubs in South Beach, Miami. A large swimming pool flanked by palm trees added to that vibe. High-rolling clubheads enjoyed their non-stop bottle service in plush, private cabanas.

Dancing against the Burj Khalifa

But what made this venue really stand out was…the view.

Never did I think I’d be dancing the night away while the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa towered over me in the backdrop.

The tower is absolutely stunning and sparkled brightly throughout the evening as if a million tiny cameras were all flashing in sequence. It was hard not to take an inordinate amount of selfies with this beautiful structure. And when you were done appeasing your vanity, you continued drinking your champagne and fist-pumped to Jay-Z.

Scene of the crime aka our cabana

My friends’ “cabana” was perfectly located between the outdoor poolside terrace and the indoor covered bar and dancefloor. We had the best of both worlds.

As bottle after bottle of wine, spirits and mixers were brought out, and the venue became more packed, I started to notice that the clientele were not just expats, but included several local Emirati men and women, many of whom were attired in their national dress.

And this made above even more appealing to me. See, while the drunken expats danced the night away on the “club” side of the rooftop, the more reserved locals enjoyed smoking their hookahs by the poolside – neither fazed by the actions of their fellow patrons.

This was an eye-opener as it was a real example of how eastern and western influences had merged peacefully into one, and was a testament to how progressive Dubai has become as a city.

above Dubai
The bar and dancefloor area

The service was top-notch, and the DJ was brilliant as he dished out an eclectic mix of new and old club bangers, even venturing into a little Arabic and Bollywood music. The venue is not as pretentious as most high-end Dubai clubs, so definitely warrants a visit if you’re looking for a good night on the town.


Location: Sofitel Dubai Downtown, Dubai