Toronto has seen a rise in its fair share of affordable tasting menus lately. This is great news for food enthusiasts like myself, who can look forward to enjoying culinary intelligence, imagination and magnificent techniques, outside of exorbitant restaurants and without having to spend hours and hours on a single meal.

Enter Canis and Chef Jeff Kang.

The reviews are impressive – seriously impressive – and I’m excited for the $65 four-course menu that will soon lay before me. Canis lives up to its underlying ethos – “Inspired simplicity”. Yes, everything is simple and yes, I’m finding myself increasingly inspired. There’s a minimalist feel throughout, from the bare, wood-panel walls, to the sparse and rustic decor. I can already sense the food takes the spotlight here.

With almost every dish, you dig through the layers, almost undressing the ingredients to reveal the beauty of what’s under the surface. The highlights are seasonal Canadiana fare (although I was disappointed the popular duck course was not featured on the winter menu). Nonetheless, everything was stunningly good and delectable and pure – three adjectives I will rarely ever use together. If you want a food review, check out Gastroworld’s thoughts here.

By the end of a truly incredible meal, my dining partner and I could do nothing but … talk about our truly incredible meal. Oh Canis, you do inspire me … and I’m looking forward to a return trip when that duck comes back on the menu.

Beef tartare with garlic and turnip
Sweetbreads hidden under some wild onion with cumin
Beef shortrib with carrot, kale, hazelnut miso
Chocolate, buckwheat, honey
Pear, koji, almond

Visit: Canis for information.

Address: 746 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E9, Canada

Hours: Tues–Sat: 5:30pm–10pm, Sun-Mon: Closed

Instagram: @canisrestaurant