My blogger biz cards say “Social media influencer”. Most bloggers aim to amass a cult-like following and I guess I was being aspirational. But being an influencer is hard work – it requires time and commitment, and I admire those who have achieved that supposed greatness in the social media realm.

But, it’s not for me. Which may explain my intermittent blog posts, despite no shortage of material to dissertate on. My dining experience reviews have garnered over a million views, and that’s something to be incredibly proud of. But there’s a fading joy as you realize there’s very little difference between you and the thousands of others doing exactly the same thing. This growing brood of social media influencers are starting to look and sound a lot alike, from their meticulously staged plates of food, to their pink-grey fashion filters, to the increasingly predictable hashtags.

No, it’s not for me.

I just want to write. I want to design. I want to create. And I’ll be stroking my creative verve a lot more in the coming weeks. That’s not to say I won’t ruminate on my dining experiences (a girl’s still gotta eat), but there will (hopefully) be a lot more than just Instagram-worthy pictures of food. So … #watchthisspace.

For now, I’m off to print some new cards.