podcamptoFor several months now, I’ve been desperately seeking a creative outlet. As inspiring as life can be, today’s world can also leave you overwhelmed. Perhaps it had a little to do with the mind-numbing political news coming out of our southern neighbours. Or perhaps it was the ADHD, social-media-obsessed culture we’ve perpetrated, with the constant swiping, liking, trolling and scrolling till our fingers and our eyes bled.

Last weekend, I attended my first ever PodCamp Un-Conference at Ryerson University in Toronto – a 2-day event hosted for the past 11 years by individuals passionate about the digital and social media world. Attendance was free. Yes, FREE — a welcome reprieve in a time when knowledge and expertise usually comes at a high price. An optional $10 ticket was also available for those eager to help fund and support this and future events — a small price to pay for a wealth of knowledge gained. From accessibility, video production and podcasting, to user experience, social media, and personality neuroscience, to so much more, my head was spinning with all the intel, the free coffee and the connections being made.

And so, the creative spark was ignited and it’s time to light the flame, starting with a few changes to this blog. I have no interest in being a social media influencer (more thoughts on this soon) — I just want to create for the sake of creating.

I’ll leave you with this – one of the many takeaways from #PodcampTO, from a session hosted by local comedian Moniquea Marion:

“F*** Followers.

F*** social media crack.

F*** FOMO.

Celebrate your success of creating.

Create to create.”

And to that, I say, “Amen”!